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The Light Will Return

It’s Winter Solstice and the darkest days of the northern hemisphere. In the Pacific Northwest it’s gray and rainy, sometimes foggy. It drives a person to settle in with a book or their own thoughts of a brighter future. Many traditions recognize the dark as a time for inner work and nurturing the seeds that are yet unseen. It’s a time of quiet expectation. I’ve come to appreciate the short days as an opportunity for reflection and dreaming.

Recently, my childhood dream of going into space has been reignited. I’m two degrees of separation from a woman who is currently serving on the international space station. I’ve shaken the hand of astronaut Bill Anders, the man who took the famous photo of our beautiful planet, Earthrise. I’m amazed that there are people in my extended orbit who have been into space. Last night, I binge-watched the documentary Among the Stars which follows astronaut Chris Cassidy and was riveted. My desire to view our planet from off-world has never diminished.

I know I’ll never be a NASA astronaut. But William Shatner (the original Star Trek captain) went up in a Blue Origin rocket a couple of months ago at ninety-years-old. That’s right, nine-zero. Age isn’t a disqualifier to be a passenger. Jeff Bezos (who clearly had the same dream I had) has funded Blue Origin and went to space himself. He says he wants everyone to be able to take that trip. I assume that’s people with a lot of money, but heck, why not fantasize? It’s fun to consider what might become possible in the future.

What are your dreams? I’m sure you’ve never forgotten them. They may have been pushed aside because you were told they were impossible. Or perhaps early disappointments tanked your enthusiasm. It’s possible there’s a different path to your desired results. We have to quiet down that adult (parental?) voice and stop worrying about what’s realistic to create dreams. No one’s forcing you to take action or share; this can be your secret. So, go ahead and light yourself up! It’s enlivening to feel giddy excitement, and your positive energy will reflect out to those around you. We can all use that during these winter days.

Beginning tomorrow, the light will return by minutes each day. By the end of January, it’ll be noticeable. As for now, give yourself the gift of cocooning, dreaming, and possibilities. Happy holidays!

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Donna Parten
Donna Parten
Dec 21, 2021

A beautiful reminder that nature takes care of us if we stay in rhythm with her. As much as I love the fragrances of green spring and dusty autumn early mornings, I love the long winter evenings and the cold nights--winter is my time for escaping into the good novels that I enthuse to bookish friends about. That lights me up.

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