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Ready to throttle a coworker or your boss?

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If you find yourself fuming, complaining incessantly to friends and family (who are sick of hearing about it), lying awake at night, or dreading going to work, help is here! Work Jerks is about handling face-to-face interactions with colleagues you find difficult. It provides practical action to address habitual frustrations with colleagues.

Jerks come in distinct flavors, not all of whom are equally destructive. There’s a spectrum within each “Jerketype” as well. You’ll find actionable help for the types and their sub-categories.

For example, under the category of the Narcissist Jerk, the Dramatic isn't as difficult to handle as a Narcissistic Leader, but they can drive you bananas with their tales — often exaggerated for effect.


The Non-Stop Talker may not be as theatrical as the Dramatic, but may be incapable of holding an unuttered thought. I'll teach you how to master the skill of being friendly while limiting their ability to suck up your precious work time.

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If your strategy has been to complain to others, you know that doesn’t solve the problem. And by whining, you may have become a jerk for someone else.


If you want help to create positive change, Work Jerks is here for you!


“This book is the perfect combination: excellent advice for tackling real work issues while simultaneously making you laugh out loud.”

Kerry McMillen, Manager

Medical Nutrition Therapy

“If you’ve got a situation in the workplace, no matter how difficult, annoying or absurd, Carnachan has you covered. In addition to offering inspired advice, Work Jerks taps a rich vein of humor that makes it a delight to read.”

Lisa Nowak

Small Business Owner

“The writing is crisp and very focused on taking action (i.e., on what one CAN do) which makes the advice very pragmatic. Emphasis on owning and doing our own work to avoid being a “work jerk” is a brilliant and engaging approach without preaching.”

Sue Hennessy

Senior Executive (retired)

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