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"If people behaved well at work,
I would never have had a career."

For over forty years I've worked as a trainer and organization development consultant. During that time, I’ve witnessed an astounding variety of workplace behaviors, dispensed reams of advice and seen countless people achieve interpersonal success in challenging work relationships.

In my forthcoming book, Work Jerks, readers will discover that they are not alone in dealing with difficult people: jerks can be found in every work situation. Practical help is available!


Although I’ve been a consultant, half my career was in the trenches as an employee — I know what it’s like to navigate lousy situations while tap dancing to keep a job. ​I left my last gig at Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center with the exalted title of Senior Organization Development Consultant. I’m now semi-retired and continue to coach a few select clients.

Originally I trained to be a therapist, but discovered I was more interested in assisting people with workplace issues than in individual or family counseling. With my newly minted Masters in Social Work, I went to work  with an amazing interdisciplinary special ed outreach team at the University of Washington where I specialized in teamwork. Next I went to Overlake Hospital & Medical Center as a communication skills and management trainer (education vs. body building) and then went on to a brief management training stint at Boeing. I said goodbye to airplanes and flew off to start my own management and organization development consulting business.

During those 23 years I coached leaders, facilitated strategic planning sessions and many types of retreats, and designed and delivered workshops on leadership skills and interpersonal communication. I worked with fascinating businesses from coffee to hamburgers, to educating young children, caring for the ill, and moving cargo in and out of ports (to name a few). I wound up my career by landing at The Hutch for seven great years.

When I had my own consulting firm and a flexible schedule, I performed with Off Limits Improvisational Theater, which I co-founded. Besides being on stage and playing all manner of inanimate objects, animals and characters, I had the pleasure of using improv theater exercises to teach teams how to communicate and listen (not to mention have fun!).


During one of many economic downturns, I produced a training film, Give Me Space, in Hollywood. It was a humorous look at conflict in the workplace and what to do about it. The two copies sold were very well received.

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“Louise is a master communicator. She can pick out the crux of a conflict, identify it clearly, and provide next steps. It is amazing!”

Sarah Koehn

Training Specialist Learning and Organization Development

A gem! Warm, non-judgmental and a consummate professional who presents clear and balanced conclusions based on careful and thorough analysis of the facts.”

Randy Main

VP and CFO (retired)

"Louise has always brought a fresh perspective to the challenges we faced with both employee and organizational development issues. Masterful insights and wisdom when it comes to human interaction at work."

Peter Guarino, Director

​"Work Jerks was a fortuitous read. The very day I read the first chapter, I implemented one of its strategies to stop a long-winded participant from hijacking a meeting. Best of all, Louise Carnachan's insights and solutions work in both office and social settings."

Pat Lichen, Office Administrator

Credentials & Certifications:

Masters in Social Work, University of Washington, Seattle, WA,

Bachelor of Arts, Psychology,

Scripps College, Claremont, CA.

Certified in: EQ In Action, Center for Creative Leadership Assessments,

NetSpeed Leadership and Virtual Facilitation.


Client List:

  • Boeing

  • Children’s Hospital and Medical Center

  • Port of Seattle

  • State of Washington (numerous departments and divisions)

  • Island Hospital

  • VA Puget Sound Healthcare

  • University of Washington Medical Center

  • Skagit Valley Hospital

  • Overlake Hospital & Medical Center

  • Evergreen Hospital

  • Group Health Cooperative

  • Diversity Services

  • Bastyr University and Clinic

  • University of Washington (numerous departments)

  • NetSpeed Learning Solutions

  • Pacific Northwest Fertility

  • Starbucks Coffee Company

  • McDonald’s Corporation

  • Many Head Start programs in WA and Idaho

  • Region X Head Start

  • Muzak

  • Eldec

  • The Hillhaven Corporation

  • Municipalities: Seattle, Bellevue, Kent

  • Seattle Pacific University, former adjunct faculty

  • Seattle Community College, former adjunct faculty

  • University of Washington, former instructor, MBA program

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