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Updated: Nov 18, 2020

It all started when I got an alert from my cellular carrier that I would be out of data before the end of the billing period. With irritating frequency they displayed a steady decrease of available bytes. I was mystified; then it hit me. Since COVID I’ve walked daily, often to the accompaniment of podcasts. Rollover data chits covered me—until now. Ignoring the pleas to upgrade my plan, I decided to walk and let my mind wander, call a friend, solve plot problems with my latest writing, or listen to the music that’s on my phone.

I probably hadn’t looked at my playlist for well over two years. I was delighted to find a forgotten Scottish group, Salsa Celtica. They play an unlikely fusion of Cuban and Celtic music with vocals in both Spanish and English, sometimes in the same song. The instruments include traditional Scottish ones (notably flute and fiddle) along with Cuba’s traditional brass and percussion with a salsa beat. The first tune I put on, Esperanza (click hyperlink to the song) made me so happy my feet bounced as my head conjured images of partner dancing. This lack of bytes has led to a wonderful re-discovery of what I’ve been carrying around in my pocket.

Music is something I’ve repeatedly put on my pandemic self-care list, yet I’ve rarely given myself. Stingy? Too immersed in the computer and my writing to listen, even during breaks? I’ve an extensive music collection on my phone, so when I’m out along my well-worn paths, you’ll see me strutting, sashaying, or salsa dancing to a beat you won’t hear. My horizons have been reopened by an improbable ally, Verizon.

Is there anything that you’ve discovered or rediscovered recently that gives you a boost? Please comment in the box below.

Sending you physically distanced encouragement—and a reminder that longer nights bring us candles and twinkly lights, and reading in front of a fire with tea or hot chocolate.

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I normally listen to podcasts while working in my art studio, but all the talking has been too much for me lately, so I've turned to Spotify .. listening to favorites, discovering new music, and bopping out while painting has been great!


Susan M Hennessy
Susan M Hennessy

Great article! I will add this music to my Pandora playlist.

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