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Getting Nothing Done

I’ve had trouble accomplishing things since the pandemic started. It was worse at the beginning, but my attention still comes and goes. I’ll be focused on a project, then poof, no desire to finish it.

The old adage is, “If you want something done, ask a busy person.” I know I was more efficient when I worked full time. Since graduating into semi-retirement, my deadline is too often tomorrow (which is loosely translated as “some indeterminate time”). I know better—I taught time management for pity sake! To get stuff done, figure out what’s important, chunk it down, then block out the time on the calendar. A specific time, not “sometime.”

If you’re working, you still have firm due dates. When I was self-employed, I created my own schedule and stuck to it. But since the activities that used to structure my day are out the window, I’ve sort of let everything slip. Can you relate?

I’m going to schedule things on a calendar again. Especially when it comes to the phone calls I don’t want to make, or the research I’m not all that excited about doing. My spirits lighten when I’m productive. I’ll be using WOM: Want, Ought, Must. For every one or two “ought” or “must” I accomplish, I get to have a “want.” Finding photos for the blog is a “want” and a great reward. At least it’s not a handful of chocolate chips (I should have never let them into the house!).

How’s your productivity? Are you getting things done, or do you need a boost?

Sending you physically distanced encouragement—and a reminder to please wear a mask at the grocery store as a service to everyone.

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1 Comment

Jul 15, 2020

I'm the type of person that never leaves a project unfinished....UNTIL COVID-19. Now I seem to float from one project to another, accomplishing nothing! That's not me; not my way of thinking. I wonder what has happened to my brain cells when I have sooo much time at home and few interruptions (except for my husband,,ha!). I am happy for this blog and finiding out others are struggling just the same. There's strength in numbers.

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