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Benefits of Working from Home

Updated: Apr 4, 2020

Here’s the good news about working from home: the conferencing platforms you’re using to communicate with your team give you a view into the lives of your colleagues. It’s a snoop’s dream!

It’s Tuesday morning and you’re on a video conference. You see Amy in her garage in her hastily-created office with boxes and lawn equipment in the background. Josh is in his kitchen where the cat walks across the counter and past the laptop camera. Shennae is set up in her living room with beautiful artwork behind her. Calvin’s at a desk in the guest room with a pug dog in his lap, snoring (the pug, not Calvin). Meanwhile, kids are out of school and significant others are also at home. You see the distractions everyone is dealing with: noise, questions, tugs for attention, waves to the camera.

It’s a side of your colleagues you haven’t seen unless you’re close friends. Here’s a glimpse into their world and an invitation for empathy and humor. You see the fun, wacky, and perhaps sad stuff of your coworkers’ lives. Even when it’s not a pandemic, that’s what everyone brings to work.

I predict that the people who drive you bananas are going to seem a lot more palatable now that you can’t co-locate. These are the moments to appreciate during these upending times—look for them. And remember to get out of your PJ’s and comb your hair for the video conference.

What’s teleconferencing helped you learn about yourself or your coworkers? Please comment in the box below.

Sending you appropriately physically distanced encouragement—and reminding you to take a shower.

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Lisa Nowak
Lisa Nowak
Apr 07, 2020

Basically, it's taught me that there must be a really crappy camera in my laptop. ;) Guess it's time to upgrade.


Apr 05, 2020

Great point - everyone (no matter how annoying) is a person beyond work and is potentially dealing with things we know nothing about.

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